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  • Système de notification massive ciblées et sécuritaires
    Reach the highest summit !
    Powerful Resource optimization software
    100% Team Performance & Collaboration
    High return on investment
  • Information cryptée et sécuritaire
    Make a journey of success
    Clearly define each action
    Keep up the schedule
    Adaptable with real time reliable indicators
  • Adaptable et intégrable quelque soit l’activité ou le système
    Strategic direction
    Be ahead of the events
    Straightforward leading on your goals, your deadlines and your team
  • Traçabilité complète de l’information
    Optimal planning
    360 ° view on the overall operations
  • Traçabilité complète de l’information
    Together everyone achieve more
    Increased productivity
    Gain performance
    Boost Satisfaction

COVENKO is a performance optimization software that targets teams effective collaboration and proactive collaboration in real time.It combines planning, organization, assignments, projects, activities and tasks in the form of an interactive intelligent platform, bringing a 360° global view of the enterprise global operations. A solution designed to facilitate information sharing, information awareness, schedule and priorities management, following the entire progress and performance of all resources in real time.

COVENKO is accessible in the same zone or around the world. Whether or not you are a fan of LEAN management, reduce losses and improve performance are priorities for any business growth. COVENKO brings innovation forward helping you to succeed.

Rapid Action

Respond quickly to any eventuality and decide what’s best by having an overview of the progress of your activities in real time.

Clear vision

Easy and rapid access to all information through visual dashboards, graphics,maps, alerts, and more.

Oversee all activities

Take advantage of each situation gaining visibility on your operations. Handle risk as an opportunity to grow, having the right information at the right time.

Quality assurance

Improve quality and best practises to increase productivity on the overall operations. Implement preventive and correctives measures to ensure information flow and avoid bottlenecks.

Be where it counts!

COVENKO allows to clearly define what must be done, when and by whom, assigning the right people to the right projects, establishing the order of execution and estimates, including as support all the documentation required to run the operations effectively and smoothly.Visual dashboards and alerts keep you updated in real time of the current workflow and the decisions making effectiveness. Take advantage of every moment. Achieve your goals and develop continual and sustainable growth!